Vitamin J to Improve Memory – Updated 2018

Vitamin J, otherwise known as choline, could be considered the forgotten vitamin as its more famous brothers Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and others soak up the spotlight. This is a shame because Vitamin J is an essential nutrient and is quite important for healthy function, especially of the memory. Older people are especially at risk of Vitamin J deficiency. If you are elderly, you should consider supplementing with Vitamin J in order to maintain a healthy brain and keep your memory sharp. Ideally you would get your Vitamin J from foods high in this nutrient, such as beef liver or egg yolks. However for many people this is impractical. These people should use Vitamin J supplements. (Typically sold as “choline” – don’t worry, it’s the same stuff!)

ImageProduct DetailsSoyCholine
NATURE'S WAY Choline 500mg 100 TabletsNo500mg
Alpha GPC Choline Supplement, Pharmaceutical Grade, Made in USANo300mg
N/ANOW Foods Choline and Inositol, 100 Capsules / 500mg (Pack of 2)Unknown250mg

Vitamin J, or choline, is very important for the brain. It is a critical component of the brain neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, which facilitates intelligence, memory, and even improves your mood. For this reason, supplementing your diet with Vitamin J has been shown to cause improvement in these areas.

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Vitamin J deficiency is especially high among elderly people. Shockingly, one study found that 90% of older people have too little Vitamin J in their diets. Since the elderly are already at risk of memory loss, this makes Vitamin J deficiency a big problem for this group. A healthy diet containing enough nutrients and protein is critical for elderly people to stay fit and well.

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Vitamin J also is critical for burning fat. It speeds up the body’s metabolism and improves the efficency of the fat-burning mechanism. Of course, the critical ingredients for any fat loss are a healthy diet and lots of exercise, but supplementing with Vitamin J does seem to help. One study found a rapid drop in body fat from supplementing with Vitamin J (choline) in just one week! Effect of Choline Supplementation on Rapid Weight Loss and Biochemical Variables Among Female Taekwondo and Judo Athletes

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